Ready, Set, …..

Hey world!  After months and months of preparation, packing, medical forms, and countless conversations with friends and relatives about my next steps, it is all finally getting underway.  I awoke this morning to beautiful blue skies, with hardly a cloud in sight.  What a day to start a new venture!  While I will certainly miss my home, family, and friends, I am so excited and ready to take this next step and start learning all that the Peace Corps and my fellow volunteers have to teach me.

Here I am with my luggage for the next two years.  Fun fact: my (mostly invisible) backpack is my Dad’s, bought in 1984 and used on his trips to South America and Turkey, among others!  Now on to it’s next adventure in West Africa!

Displaying IMG_20160922_131122045.jpg

After last minute packing and organizing, my parents and I got in the car drove on down to Washington DC.  We were lucky living so close to the city in which staging is taking place.  Our group Peace Corps volunteers heading to Senegal all converged on DC this afternoon/evening to complete two days of staging.  So far I haven’t learned many specifics about what staging will entail – that will change tomorrow I suppose!

I’ll post more updates in the next few days before we fly out!



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