Food Friday

Since most of you reading this know how much I love food, I’ve decided to do a weekly (inshallah) post on Fridays to highlight a Senegalese dish or other interesting part of the food culture here. For this inaugural post let’s look at “ceb u jenn”, (pronounced cheb oo jenn), the Senegalese national dish. A much beloved dish, ceb u jenn – rice and fish … Continue reading Food Friday

Site Announcement

** Due to flaky internet previously, this post is a little late in publishing – just pretend that it’s actually the 26th of October…. Hi friends!  After months of waiting, shuffling from place to place, and daydreaming about where I might live, I now know my final site placement.  While the staff here in Thies have known this for weeks now, us trainees found out last … Continue reading Site Announcement

A little sweet, sweet cup of attaya

This blog post will be dedicated to the very important aspect of Senegalese culture: Attaya.  In short, attaya is green tea and tons of sugar which is drunk in multiple rounds after meals. Attaya, like meals in Senegal, are shared with anyone and everyone who happens to be around.  It has a lot of cultural significance, for cementing family bonds and sharing how one’s day … Continue reading A little sweet, sweet cup of attaya