Food Friday: 3

Happy end of the week everyone!  I hope you all are happy and well.  This Friday I have another recipe for you – Ciu (pronounced “chew”).  This is a another dish of sauce and rice, as is the culinary staple here in Senegal!

After following my aunt around as she cooked, and helping her only minimally, I managed to get multiple photos of the cooking!  It’s quite a process cooking for 16+ people over a wood fire, with small knives of variable sharpness – but they do it so well.

So here are the (potentially incomplete) steps:

1. Cook white rice.

2. Chop lots and lots of onions.  My aunt used 16 for our family the other day!

All the onions!

3. Pound in a mortar and pestle: peppercorns, dried red chiles, garlic, sweet pepper, bouillon, hot pepper. Add all the onions you chopped and pound them together with the rest in the mortar.

Onions and spices

4. Also prepare other vegetables such as cassava, potato, sweet potato, cabbage, hot pepper. Slice the root vegetables in half.

Prepped and peeled veggies

5. If going for authenticity, buy several fresh, whole fish.  Then descale them, gut them, and remove the heads.  🙂  Otherwise pre-cleaned fish pieces are so much easier!

6. Fry the fish in hot oil until brown and crispy and then remove from pot.

Fry little fish, fry!

7. Add a few spoons of tomato paste to the oil and fry.

8. Add a lot of water into the pot with the tomato paste and then toss in the vegetables.

9. Also add finely diced carrots, potatoes, and green onions.

Bubbling vegetables

10. Cook the vegetables and as they get soft, add the pounded onion mixture.

11. Add the fried fish back into the pot and continue to cook.

12. Once the veggies are soft and the fish is cooked through, taste the sauce and adjust the flavor as you like.

13. To serve, spoon out the white rice you cooked earlier into a large bowl.  Spoon the sauce over top and place veggies and fish in the center.

Some of the bowls for lunchtime

Enjoy your ciu!



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