Round two of Boutique Food Reviews!  In this post I sample 3 kinds of bon-bon (sweets/cookies in French) and one kind of yogurt.   Item: Ardo yogurt Type: Vanilla Price: 100 CFA Review: Like many other foods in Senegal, yogurt also comes in bags.  You can go to yogurt-stores and they will scoop yogurt out of bulk containers into plastic sachets.  In all boutiques you can … Continue reading FOOD FRIDAY 10


The sounds of waves crashing and gulls screeching.  The smells of salt and fishy air.  Bright sun and hot sand. This week’s dish managed to conjure up these sensations and imagery as I ate, transporting me away from the city.  So if you’re feeling chilly, and not in Senegal like me, whip up this fresh Senegalese dish and try to pretend your kitchen is actually … Continue reading FOOD FRIDAY 9


When I was reading up on Senegal and perusing other volunteers’ blogs, I read quite a bit about breakfast.  Specifically, breakfasts that involved beans.  I was intrigued because beans and lentils were already something I ate a lot of, and loved – shoutout to Kosher-Halal Co-op!  But I was a curious how they would fit into breakfast. To obtain your morning meal you first have … Continue reading FOOD FRIDAY 8


After a two week pause in your scheduled programming, Food Friday is back!  This blog post will be short and sweet – just a quick highlight of several meals I made for my Peace Corps friends on a relaxing weekend after IST.  IST (In-Service Training ) is our second formal training provided by Peace Corps.  This one, as opposed to PST (Pre-Service Training), heavily focuses … Continue reading FOOD FRIDAY 7