Round two of Boutique Food Reviews!  In this post I sample 3 kinds of bon-bon (sweets/cookies in French) and one kind of yogurt.


Item: Ardo yogurt

Type: Vanilla

Price: 100 CFA

Review: Like many other foods in Senegal, yogurt also comes in bags.  You can go to yogurt-stores and they will scoop yogurt out of bulk containers into plastic sachets.  In all boutiques you can find pre-packaged bags of yogurt in varying sizes.  This version is a pretty basic vanilla yogurt which you can conveniently eat straight out of the bag or squeeze into a bowl to eat with cereal or mangoes.  One definite plus to this snack item is that you can stick it in the freezer and get frozen yogurt in a matter of hours!

Origin: Senegal


Item: Lemon Cake

Type: Lemon Flavored Layer Cake

Price: 50 CFA

Review: I found this little package in the fridge of the boutique around the corner.  This is a dry cake that looks remarkably like 2 dish sponges stacked together.  Despite the appealing name and reasonably attractive image, there is a notable absence of lemon taste or filling.  The sponge-like cake is dry and crumbly and not very sweet.  I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone, really – it’s not an enjoyable experience.

Origin: Iran


Item: Ciao

Type: Biscuits au Lait

Price: 25 CFA

Review: These little biscuits are simple, crunchy cookie/crackers.  They are pretty bland, but not terrible.  I think they’d be good dipped in milk as the packaging suggests, or with Nutella, or peanut butter, or something with flavor.  You get 6 little biscuits in each package.  Nothing too exciting, but good if you’re looking for a crunch or to make your own sandwich crackers.

Origin: Senegal



Item: HiBye

Type: Hazelnut Center Filled Cookies

Price: 50 CFA

Review: I think these take the cake for the best name so far.  Unlike the other snacks I’ve profiled in this post, these cookies are quite pretty.  They also taste the best of these 4.  The cookie part is crunchy and sweet and the filling is a chocolate-y/hazelnut crème.  You only get 3 cookies in a package, but they are pretty cheap.  I would recommend HiBye cookies if you want a quick chocolatey snack.

Origin: Iran


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