As Peace Corps volunteers we live with host families and thus eat our meals as part of that family.  This means being subject to the whims of the chef of the day, Mom, Aunt or sister. And for the most part it is a wonderful setup.  You integrate a little more with each meal, honing your eating-out-of-a-bowl skills and learning to identify what the day’s lunch will be by the the ingredients in the market bucket.

But sometimes you need a little break.  A taste of home or just a taste of something that is not rice and fish.  That is why many of us have gas tanks in our rooms or backyards.  Whether it’s whipping up a pot of pasta or frying some eggs, we manage to get quite creative over the one-burner gas tanks available to us from boutiques.

celine's gas stove
Small gas tank – Celine’s hut

So today I present Celine, an Agroforestry volunteer who lives about 15 kilometers away from me.  I talked a little about her village in a previous post about a mural we painted there.  Anyway – this blog post idea was hers, so thanks Celine!


celine and sophia
Celine and I on a hot mural-painting day!

Celine’s special pasta:

  • Spaghetti
  • 4 triangles of Laughing Cow cheese
  • Pathial hot sauce
  • onion powder
  • crushed red pepper.

Boil the pasta and let it cook a little longer than usual to have a bit of extra water.  Mix with the cheese and flavorings to taste.


celine's pasta
The pasta creation

The first three ingredients are easily found at any boutique around Senegal.  You can sometimes find the spices at the bigger “Toubab” grocery stores in cities.


Thanks for reading!



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