In another happy happenstance this post came to be just the other morning.  The food for today is something my Aunt makes every evening and therefore has until now been frustratingly out of reach for a blog post – lack of sunlight makes for bad pictures! But for whatever reason she made it in the morning just yesterday so I jumped on the chance to … Continue reading FOOD FRIDAY 16


The Tamba market:  a place of wonders and treasures.  Of carrots and cabbages, of plastic shoes and plastic cups, of beans and beignets. You really can find just about anything you need at the big central market.  There are rows upon rows of vegetable vendors.  Alleys stuffed with glitzy jewelry and sparkly shoes.  Small shops piled high with rainbows of wax fabric.  Buckets overflowing with … Continue reading FOOD FRIDAY 15


Good morning from a remarkably cool 9am during hot season – it’s only 88 degrees!  When the daily highs are hovering around 110 degreees it is a wonderful relief to wake up to the 80s. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this, but one of my favorite things about Senegalese food is the sometimes astonishing amounts of onions cooked into just one dish.  Onions often … Continue reading FOOD FRIDAY 14