Just some hot season thoughts

Here are a few of the things that go through my head as I slog my way through hot season.


1. I love my fan. I could marry my fan.

2. Ooh I need to pee, thats good – I’ve been drinking enough and I’m not (too) dehydrated!

3. I think I’m going to eat a mango for breakfast. I’m also going to eat a mango for dinner. Mangoes are the perfect hot-season meal substitute! (I buy a lot of mangoes)

4. How in the world is my kneecap sweating?!

5. I wonder how much I actually sweat in a day, like in milliliters?

6. Why does hot tea have to be the social drink in Senegalese culture? How about iced tea?

7. (While laying in bed) Can’t let any body part touch any other body part…

8. Sunscreen. Can’t forget sunscreen!

9. I love my fan.


Thats all for now, thanks as always for reading!



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