Food Friday 17: in Fez

Its Friday and I’m eating some great food – in Fez, Morocco!  My friend and I are spending the next 2 weeks in Morocco and Spain on vacation.

So of course 80% of what I want to do is eat and look at food. We started strong today as we wandered through the medina drooling over buttery pastries and breads, sweets dripping with honey, and bulging bags of aromatic spices.

Here was my introduction to the food world of Fez!

An egg – veggie sandwich and hot fries for lunch


Wandering and winding through the medina – getting just the right amount of lost
Just the free appetizer portion of dinner!
Thami’s restaurant for dinner, with the enthusiastic patron himself
Veggie tagine that came out bubbling and HOT!
Mint tea – inescapable, but why would you want to?
Dessert for days!

More pictures to come next time!



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