Hey all!  I’m back in Senegal and slowly coming to terms with the heat, once again.  But it feels good to be back!

Here’s a quick little snapshot of my last days of vacation, but really of the food!


Last tapa in Sevilla – burrata and tomatoes, kinda Italian I know.  I could easily of eaten this entire thing but I shared…



ice cream 2
Creamy gelato-like ice cream: caramel and coffee
cod in tomato
Cod in tomato sauce for lunch

Fun fact about Granada: there are these lovely caves in the hills behind the city, some clustered together, some more spread out and remote.  And many people have made their homes in these caves.  But most strangely coincidental for us were the several Senegalese living up there!  Our hostel does a walking tour that ends up on top of this mountain watching the sunset, so we met some Senegalese, talked in Wolof and drank Cafe Touba – in Spain?!

cafe touba
Cafe Touba in Spain?
Last night of tapas in Granada – started with cheesy gnocchi and wine!
mixed salad
An ensalata mixta to balance things out
avocado and lemon
Maybe one of the best tapas I had, so simple! An avocado with lemon juice, salt, and pepper
ice cream 3
And last ice cream of the trip: lavender and dates & honey

So all in all – an amazing trip with some amazingly delicious food.  I would highly recommend both countries for their food!



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