One of the most important ceremonies in Senegalese culture is the ngente or baptism.  7 days after the birth everyone comes together to bless the baby, eats good food, and party!  At the ngente the new baby is named and welcomed into the community. For this event the mom usually gets a fancy new complet made and gets her hair and make-up done.  The baby … Continue reading FOOD FRIDAY 24


I want this blog to be an honest representation of my Peace Corps service here in Senegal.  And while everything I’ve written about have come from my real experiences here, I haven’t written about all my experiences.  Almost everything I’ve posted thus far has been happy and relatively carefree.  Of course I’m very glad that many of my moments here have been as such, but … Continue reading Honesty

Senegal bites back!

What do you know about malaria?  Before coming to Senegal, I didn’t know very much at all, probably similar to many other Americans.  All I knew was that you got sick from mosquitoes and that it seemed like a faraway problem. Malaria affects about half the world’s population – around 3.2 billion people in 106 countries.  Since the mosquitoes that transmit malaria need specific conditions … Continue reading Senegal bites back!


Hello all! Sorry for the lack of food stuff last Friday – it’s been a busy few weeks!  But Food Friday is back today with fonde, a dish that I have grown to love over the months. In my family dinner is pretty simple and most nights consists solely of rice.  As this can get a little monotonous for me I am always excited when I … Continue reading FOOD FRIDAY 23


Senegal is a nutty place – and I mean that in the most affectionate and agricultural way.  But really – the Senegalese grow and eat a lot of peanuts.  Lightly roasted in the shells from roadside vendors to buckets of thick, unprocessed peanut butter to crackly, sweet sweets – there are so many ways to eat peanuts here! According to Wikipedia, 40% of cultivated land … Continue reading FOOD FRIDAY 21


Hey all!  I’m back in Senegal and slowly coming to terms with the heat, once again.  But it feels good to be back! Here’s a quick little snapshot of my last days of vacation, but really of the food! SEVILLA   GRANADA Fun fact about Granada: there are these lovely caves in the hills behind the city, some clustered together, some more spread out and … Continue reading FOOD FRIDAY 19