Hello everyone! Today I’m going to give you a glimpse at the different kinds of drinks available in boutiques and stores here. For most Senegalese drinking a soda or other canned/bottled drink is usually reserved for a special occasion.  These sweet drinks, called boissons from the French, are found in almost every boutique in the city. I never drank much soda in the US but every … Continue reading FOOD FRIDAY 35


Hello Tuesday! Today’s transportation is called a sept-place, which refers to the 7 seats, or places, for passengers. This is the most common form of transportation for longer trips, to and from different cities. We volunteers take them quite often when we head to Thies for our training events or to Dakar for getting to the airport. Sept-places are part of the transportation system regulated … Continue reading TRANSPORTATION TUESDAY 2


Good afternoon everyone! These days it’s starting to heat up around here, hot season isn’t far around the bend. I’m dreading the onset of the oppressive heat – my days of cool mornings wearing long sleeves are going to be a fond memory all too soon! However there is one part of the hot season that I am actually looking forward to – MANGOES! I’ve … Continue reading FOOD FRIDAY 34


Happy Friday! It’s been a while, the holidays have come and gone, my family came to visit, and a whole new year has begun! December was a pretty great month, full of some amazing food. Today I want to share one of my favorite breakfast sandwiches here. In a previous post I wrote about the typical sauces available for your morning meal – beans, potatoes … Continue reading FOOD FRIDAY 32


Happy Friday! Sorry for the lack of blog posts, especially Food Friday posts, it’s busy this time of year at Peace Corps Senegal! This past weekend we welcomed the newest group of volunteers to Tamba and helped them install at their new sites.  A year ago I was the new volunteer, full of trepidation and excitement, trying to get ready to start being a real … Continue reading FOOD FRIDAY 31


The impetus for writing this post came from joyful occasion I was lucky to witness the other day. My morning was slow; I didn’t have anything planned, work-wise. I had been in my room after breakfast, cleaning up and reading so I decided to go sit outside for a few hours before lunch.  The house was relatively quiet, my grandma was reclining on an outside … Continue reading Neighbors