Good morning and happy Tuesday! Today’s post is all about horse/donkey pulled carts. For me, and many of my readers who also call Lancaster, PA home, horse-driven transportation is quite familiar. In our area of Pennsylvania it is commonplace to see horse carriages driving down small-town streets and highways alike. Senegal also has many charets, carts that are pulled by doleful donkeys and horses. They come … Continue reading TRANSPORTATION TUESDAY 6

What did you say yes or no to?

It’s been a year and 6 months since we’ve become government-mandated friends. We may have seen each other during staging or pre-service training but didn’t really know each other until we found ourselves a mere 10K apart on the map of Tamba. Two volunteers living in two completely different sites: one urban and one rural. Different languages and different amenities but a shared desire to … Continue reading What did you say yes or no to?


Today’s post is a special shout-out to my Great Uncle Dave! Growing up Uncle Dave was always the donut man; he owned and worked at a popular bakery and made amazing baked goods! Every family reunion or get-together meant a chance to try some of the famous treats and it was always something I really looked forward to. So I thought I would do a … Continue reading FOOD FRIDAY 40


Good morning and happy Friday! I hope it’s warming up for all you folks in North America; I can send some your way if you promise to reciprocate with a little snow. Even trade, right? In a lot of the prior 38 posts in this series I have talked about different Senegalese dishes and how my community cooks them. I’ve looked at ingredients and described … Continue reading FOOD FRIDAY 39


Happy Friday everyone! I literally just realized that a week has passed and it felt like the blink of an eye. If this keeps up I’ll be heading home in the time it takes me to sneeze. But I’m not ready to think about that yet (although with a group of volunteers leaving in April it’s hard to escape) so let’s talk about food! I … Continue reading FOOD FRIDAY 38